In 1985 the Côtes d’Armor General Council decided to get directly involved in cooperation relationships with African countries, thus fulfilling ‘an international solidarity duty’ toward developing countries. The Council’s choice included the Tchirozerine department in Niger. Cooperation with this department, which includes the community of Agades, was implemented in 2004. Some towns in Côtes d’Armor also contribute to financing this cooperation: the area communities of Guingamp, Arguenin Hunaudaye, Saint-Brieuc, Trebrivan, Lannion, and Langueux. The cooperation addresses several fields: education, health, training elected representatives and town administration.

Tarbiyya Tatali (RAEDD) was entrusted with the implementation of the educational project, and relies on its Agadez branch and on the representatives of the towns concerned.

Four projects have been launched:

  • Implementation of the ‘One Book per Pupil per Subject’ project in primary and secondary schools.
  • Continuous and initial teacher training.
  • School twinning schemes.
  • Providing for School Resource Centers in Niger.