The Network of Support to Local Initiatives (RAIL) is a Nigerien NGO whose general objective is to participate in a self-promotion approach for grassroots communities.

The NGO - RAIL “Network of Support to Local Initiatives” was created by the Nigerien employees of the French Association of Volunteers for Progress (AFVP) with the aim of capitalizing on local skills and experience acquired through the various operations. projects led by AFVP Niger. With the growth of its activities, the RAIL took the status of NGO by decree n°325/MI/D/DGAPJ/DLP of August 18, 2004 and endowed itself with a permanent secretariat to provide administrative and operational management.

RAIL is a partner of RAEDD, AECIN and AESCD for several development projects in the department of Dogondoutchi and in particular in Dankassari.


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