As Solidarity Exchanges can no longer take place, we cooperate at various levels with experts, to support young people’s promising projects for sustainable development in Niger,

For example :

  • a high school female student working on our Magazine’s lay-out,
  • a student in data processing working on geographical data of actions in Dankassari ,

The action speeds up in 2021, with:

  • For two students in computer science: Improving the geographical data base of actions in Dankassari and beyond in the Dogondoutchi Area.
  • For twelve students at the Rennes School of Business, within the Recoprocity project: Whatsapp exchanges with young Niger students, drafting an article for our Magazine, improving the circulation of the magazine, or creating an Instagram page for Tarbiyya Tatali, a joint financing campaign for school supplies at Karki Malam, (Dankassari) and a short video of a RAEDD member’s visit in Cesson.
  • For three female students in Nantes, support to Mahamadou Saïdou Hope School in Niamey.