May 13th, the Nigerien Women’s Day

On May 13th, 1991 the Nigerien women disapproved openly the obvious sex discrimination: women who represent 52% of the population, had only one seat out of forty-two at the national commission in charge of the preparation of the Sovereign National Conference. Nigerien women, representing the whole spectrum of political opinion, organized a protest march. They walked to the Ministry of Foreign Office where the meeting of this commission was taking place and were quite effective in getting five seats instead of one. Furthermore the Nigerien government declared the day May 13th, “Nigerien Women’s Day”.

Tarbiyya Tatali’s brochures

Tarbiya Tatali has taken part in the celebration of May 13th since 2005.
The following booklets have been published :

  • in 2005, a booklet entitled Women In The Arewa : the Sarayouna of Lougou’,
  • in 2006, “Nigerien Women committed to sustainable development actions”.
  • in 2007, ‘Worthy Daughters of Sarayouna : Eminent Nigerien Women",
  • in 2008: ’Chosen births, well-being for each and necessity for all’,
  • in 2009: ’Still a Child, Already Married’, dealing with early marriages,
  • in 2010 ‘School is their Future’, devoted to girls’schooling.
  • in 2011’Nigerien Women play their part in public life”
  • in 2012 “Giving Birth in Niger”
  • in 2013 “At last! Lougou gets water!”
  • in 2014 “Successful Studies for a secure future: Nigerien Women’s struggle”

On 13 may 2007, Tarbiya Tatali contributed moreover to the organization of a celebration in Lougou.

The Tarbiyya Tatali Magazine

Since 2015, Tarbiyya Tatali has celebrated Nigerien Women’s Day by publishing the May 13th issue of its Magazine.