Tarbiya Tatali regularly organizes lectures and gets involved in panel discussionsprograms in Niger and France with different partners. Here are two examples:

Panel discussion “Sarraounia and Lougou”

A debate was organized by the multidisciplinary research group “Literature, Gender and Development, visions and perspectives from Niger” from the Literature and Human Sciences College of the Abdou Moumouni University in close cooperation with the France- Niger cultural center Jean Rouch. More than 120 persons attended this panel discussion..

  • Marie-Françoise Roy, professor of Mathematics and responsible for one of French branches of the network Tarbiyya Tatali and Bori Zamo, responsible of the NGO RAEDD at Dogon
    Doutchi made a presentation of their bookLougou et Saraouniya, . They showed endogenous and exogenous approaches towards Lougou and Saraouniya from the biographical, cultural and historical viewpoint and also from the crucial local development standpoint.
  • Mahamane Saadou, Professor at the Science College made a presentation about «The Botanist’s field work :when scientific research and traditional knowledge meet»
  • Antoinette Tidjani Alou, professor of comparative literature,
    member of the research group « Literature, Gender and Development.
    Visions and Perspectives from Niger » made a presentation of a few aspects of enquiries at Lougou and Bagagi related to “Politics seen from above, gender conflicts, view points on development”,
  • Moderator: Alhada Alkache, assistant professor at the economic and legal sciences Faculty.
  • Speakers: Boureima Alpha Gado, history assistant professor and
    Fatimata Mounkaila, Coordinator of the Research group «
    Littérature, Gender and Development. Nigerien Visions and Perspectives »

Chad , the search for our origins

This conference jointly organized by Tarbiya Tatali and the «Espace des Sciences » took place at the Ouest-France center in Rennes on Wednesday November 3rd , 2004.

The speaker Djimdoumalbaye Ahounta, Chad discoverer of our ancestor Toumaï, is a Professor, and natural sciences graduate, assistant of the Collection, Conservation and Valorization department of the paleontological collections of the Chad national center of support to research (CNAR) .

The talk presented the adventure of the French – Chad team of Michel Brunet which led to the discovery of Toumaï (= hope for life) on July 19, 2001 on site 226 in the Chad desert. It gave the opportunity to see how paleontological research is progressing and to evaluate the contribution of other sciences to the reconstruction of the old environment of hominids in Chad.