In november 2015, during the Month of Documentaries, Idi Nouhou visited St Brieuc on the occasion of the projection of his film ‘Illustrated Chronicle for the Common People’, relating the Nigerien cartoonist AlbouKarim Nassoua’s activities. “In Niger, mockery can be used as a tool to defuse social resentment. Through the portrait of Abdoulkarim Nassoua, a young Nigerien cartoonist, and through his cartoons circulating in working class districts, the producer offers a cool and humorous chronicle of his country’s political life”.
He has also wrote the final show of “Maradi Kolliya”, the 2015 issue of the revolving Independence Festival.

Idi Nouhou’s film catalogue (as a producer or script writer).

  • Director of the film A girl trio in Dankassari, 15mns, 2018
  • Director of the film / Ruwa falala Lougou/ Water has come to Lougou at last! 13mns, 2016
  • Director of the film Illustrated Chronicle for the Common People, 52mns, 2012.
  • Director of the film One Day with Alhousseni, 13mns, 2011.
  • Director of the film After The Festival (40 mns), about the Camel Salt Cure – Ingall 2010.
  • Sound track of the film series In the Light of Niger, produced by the African Forum of Documentary in Niamey, 2009-2010.
  • Director of Quest…, Film School production in St Louis, in 2009.
  • Concessions, a project of television series in 52 instalments, with the Mali International Film Center (joint-scriptwriting).
  • Cida da Gobara, radio series in zarma and haoussa, on reproductive health among the young, (joint-scriptwriting).
  • Lafi-Keneya-Lafiya, radio series in 15 instalments, including Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, produced at Imagine in Burkina Faso (joint-scriptwriting).
  • Gobe da Haske, audio film in 144 instalments, aimed at community radios, produced by Youth Initiative and Population Media Center, financed by Usaid, and broadcast by satellite over Western Africa and on The Voice of Sahel (joint-scriptwrititng).

Theatre Works (writing and directing)

  • Biya The Double, an adaptation of Marvellous Africa by Boubou Hama, created by the Niger Stage, on April 21st, 2006 at the Niamey CCFN.
  • Ruwan Zuma, created at Agadès during Niger Theatre Meeting, 2003. The play was broadcast by Niger National Television in September 2004.
  • Gambara-soul, script and direction, created at the Stage Center, during the Theatre Meeting of Niger, 2003.
  • Badadroum, the Misadventures of Sakarai, created during the RECREATHEATRICAL, 1st edition, in a new production by Cheick Kotondi, at the Algiers Panafrican Festival in July 2009, and at the
    Arts Nègres Festival in Dakar in 2010.