In July 2010, the Stromme Foundation and RAEDD distributed one thousand 35-kg bags of millet in the villages of the Dogon Doutchi district where the Gateway Classes and Saving to Move Ahead projects are implemented. After consulting the population concerned, the following priorities were defined : breast-feeding mothers, highly vulnerable families, Gateway class pupils and women participating to the Saving to Move Ahead


In 2016, heavy rains hit the Dankassari rural community.

On August 26th 2016, 198,3 hectares of fields were flooded, as well as 4 market gardening areas (Kamrey, Houga, Mailo, Dankassari), four wells were damaged (three double-use wells for animals and villagers, one villager well). This amounted to 131 heads of families concerned, i.e. 1477 persons.

Following on a suggestion from RAEDD, AESCD and AECIN decided to support those families who lost their whole crops, by providing them with 50 sacks of 100kg.

Distribution aux mères allaitant