The history and culture of the region is very rich.

Our dream

The first contacts between the Nigerien population and the first disdainful and cruel colonizing soldiers were disastrous. Now we work at establishing contacts based on exchanges and mutual respect and a reconcilation of the local population.

Lougou, origin of Arewa

Several meetings were held at Lougou, Bagaji and Dogondoutchi to check that the different parts of the Arewa accept recognizing Lougou as the origin of their area. They are ready to inform about its real history with the defeats and betrayals, to build their self development upon a sound basis.

The data of the history of Lougou were discussed with the inhabitants of the village and the region, and blessed by Saraouniya Aljimma.
The book ’“Lougou and Saraouniya” was thus achieved, and later republished by Tarbiyya Tatali with l’Harmattan,

Our achievements and projects

Tarbiyya Tatali has published two book of tales and a book titled Lougou et Saraouniya. and a brochure on the Mission School in Dogondoutchi, In 2015, Chronicle of the Kwanawa is published jointly by Tarbiyya Tatali and L’Harmattan. We are planning a book on Bagagi and the Baura.

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