Amina Weira’s Films

She directed 3 films at school: Film Music (2011), From Studies to Honey (2012), It Can Be Done in 2013.

Anger in the Wind (2016), her first professional film, concerns contamination: she follows her father, a retired miner in her home town, Arlit, (North Niger),where the French Company Areva has been exploiting uranium since 1976.
At the first show in France, on the occasion of the Documentary States General at Lussas, Jean-Marie Barbe wrote in his presentation of the Doc Monde program:
“In Anger in the Wind, Amina Weira’s frail silhouette walks in her hometown, Arlit in North Niger, from house to house, guided by her father. She reveals the daily impact of nuclear contamination. From the start, the film’s purpose is obvious. The frail woman’s determination seems such a miracle that viewers are mesmerized by the film, which presents reality as it has never been shown before, as it is experienced by local people. The pictures of sand wind at the end are imprinted in our minds, those clouds now so laden with death give the film its poetic dimension. .

Amina Weira
La colère dans le vent, affichette Arvor
La colère dans le vent, fiche technique
La colère dans le vent, affiche