Alichina Allakaye Alichina Allakaye (in the center in the photo above, taken during the Bagagi Parade in 2021) is co-founder of the theater company Les Tréteaux du Niger and the plastic art collective Gamouart. He is a complete artist: painter, draftsman, actor, director, he followed several training courses: from 1982 to 1985, training in drawing and painting at the Oumarou Ganda Cultural Center (CCOG) in Niamey in Niger under the aegis of the peace corps. He returned to this same institution as a trainer in drawing and painting from 1986 to 1993. From 1994 to 1997, he trained at the CCFN Jean Rouch in Niamey with famous French actors, directors and directors. Today he has become a key player in the cultural scene of Niger, thanks to his passion for art and culture, but also and above all to his passage in 1982, in the workshops of master Rissa Ixa (Nigerian painter), at the ceramic workshop of Seydou Moumouni Maïga in Niamey, in 1993. Alichina Allakaye has exhibited her works in Africa, Europe and the USA. He participated in several residences of artistic creations: Toulouse (Saint Henri), Creil, Avignon (France), Tahoua, Zinder, Agadez, Niamey and in Youri (Niger), collaborated and acted in several plays and films.

Alichina was one of the organizers of the Bagagi Parade at the end of August 2021 (see our Magazine number 15). He is one of the authors of the film sketches “Akwai Magana! Let us talk about it.”