Lougou, located in the rural community of Dankassari, is a prominent village in the history of Arewa and Niger. It is the hometown of the Saraouniya, traditional queen and priestess of the Azna religion.
Lougou is currently a very poor village and the actions of Tarbiyya Tatali started in 2002 with the agreement of Saraouniya Aljimma.

Some promising signs

The Niger State is focusing on Lougou after a long time of neglect. The population of the village is starting to grow again.

The women of Arewa met at Lougou on May 13, 2005, for the Niger women’s day, and met again on May 13, 2007.

A self-contained water supply unit, consisting in a water tank, two fountains, and two taps fitted at the school and at the health cabin, was created in 2013.

The film Lougou Gets Water at Last reveals improvements in village life. The film was shown in Lougou and Dankassari by the producers,Idi Nouhou and Saradji Bakabe.


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