Friends of Niger has left the Tarbiyya Tatali group, as from January 2015.
For information on their activities go to their new website.

The Achievements of Friends of Niger.

The Friends of Niger Association, was established in November 2001, its headquarters are in Janzé, 25 kilometers from Rennes. It sets itself the goal of creating ties between localities in Ille-et-Vilaine and Nigerien villages. To start with, it contributed to the development of Gorou Kirey, near Niamey, and of Angoual Saoulo near Dongon Doutchi, by attracting members in Janzé and Le Petit Fougeray. Then, from friend to friend, its membership spread all over France. In 2004, a third village was added to the first two : Goofat, near Agadez. In 2008, the association numbers about a hundred paying members.

The association’s concern for improving schools and health care led to its involvement in the operation ‘One Textbook per child per Subject’. It financed the building of a classroom in Gorou Kirey, then in Angoual Saoulo, and took charge of the salaries of two teachers.

Out-of-school activities were developed by launching an educational herd scheme, whereby each child receives a young goat, raises it and sells it after a few months, the profits being split between the young herder and the scheme management committee, which permits to involve more children in the scheme.

Concerning Health care, two health cabins were established, at Angoual Saoulo in Goufat, and the training and wages of the nurses in charge of the cabins was covered.

In Angoual Saoulo, a cemented well was dug, and a grain store was established in the same village as well as in Goofat. To sensitize the association members and the local population to Nigerien culture and to the difficulties Nigeriens have to cope with, the association contributes to exhibitions in French primary and secondary schools, at their request.


The Friends of Niger association carries out all its initiatives from its own resources, which are provided by :

  • Membership fees.
  • The proceeds of the sale of Nigerien crafts.
  • The sale of garden plants (primroses) grown by its members.
  • Collecting old newspapers.
  • Donations from schoolchildren, parishes, private inviduals.
  • Management subsidies from the town councils of Janzé and Le Petit Fougeray.