Since 2020, ANIRE’s activities have been at a standstill. ANIRE is therefore temporarily withdrawn from the associations of the Tarbiyya Tatali group until its activities resume.

ANIRE, a registered society in France, was created on October 12th 2013, and was officially promulgated in the French Public Record Paper on March 15th, 2014. Formerly called AENIRE (Nigerien Students in Rennes’ Association), it became ANIRE (Nigeriens’ Society in Rennes), following the General Meeting held on January 20th 2017.

It aims at gathering all the Nigerien living in Rennes without discrimination. Its goal is to be instrumental in forwarding: solidarity between its members, promotion and information about the diversity of Niger, participation in Rennes’ associative life, development of North/South solidarity and partnership.

Its actions are conducted in a friendly and brotherly spirit, encouraging the tradition of sharing and welcoming which is Niger’s huge asset. Its first actions have been: federating all the Nigeriens in Rennes and tightening their cohesion, organizing panel discussions and debates.

Tabiyya Tatali greatly values team work between Nigerien and French participants, both in France and Niger. AECIN particularly always keeps a male or female Nigerien Vice-president, and active Nigerien members in the association. Several Nigeriens are members of the Board of trustees. Many of them are students, members of ANIRE.
AECIN and ANIRE are members of the Nigerien Council in France.